Traders, why not post for free?


  • The investors you are looking for in one prefecture and three prefectures will be visited several times, so the exposure of the property will double!
  • If you don't have a photo just for drawing, we will take a free photo for the internet!
  • Not only seller properties but also properties linked to general mediation or full-time brokerage will be posted for free!
  • The drawings will be posted on the site on the day you send them or the next day.
  • If you are not in charge of posting, we will have time for several days.

Free listing of real estate for investment in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama and Chiba!

Why don't you post your property for free on our rich real estate investment site "Rich Road Real Estate Investment", which has a proven track record as a profitable property specialist, and connect it to the closing? By using "Rich Road Real Estate Investment", it is possible to widely appeal to investors who are looking for one in three prefectures.

If you introduce a seller property, we will broadcast it to all our more than 4,000 members by e-mail. Some of our members are not only from Japan but also from overseas, so it is possible for a wide range of customers to see it. (Some site: tens of thousands of yen / time for about 6,000 emails)

In the case of real estate that is difficult to post on the investment real estate site "Rich Road Real Estate Investment in Apartment Management / Investment Condominiums", it is possible to introduce only our members without posting on this site. Please feel free to consult.

About feesFees paid by your company if we have successfully settled with the owner's broker

  • There is no basis for general and full-time brokerage properties. If you can, we will do our best!
  • In the case of your company seller, the fee for specifying the sunlight. I'll do my best here too!

For inquiries, please call TEL 03-3227-8321 FAX 03-3227-8322

* Please note that we may not be able to list real estate, non-rebuildable properties, and illegally built properties that are not covered by the area.