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Have you ever wondered how much the property you own is now?
"I want to sell but I don't know when it's good", "I've been sold by another company but it's hard to find a buyer", "I want to know if it will be evaluated as collateral"
We will answer honestly "How much is this property now?"


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We work on a daily basis based on the slogan "Everywhere honest real estate company".
BecauseWe do not do any assessment at high price because we want an intermediary!

Also, when you leave the saleI will be responsible for selling activities.
In order to close the deal early, we will provide you with a realistic sale price at which the loan will be made at the bank where you do business.


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Our members1 peopleIs over.
We will post articles and mail distribution to the members.
In addition to delivering the "live voices" from the respondents, we will turn those voices into proposals and proceed with sales activities.

I mean! !
It is likely to close!


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December 29: Wooden construction in Abiko City, Chiba Prefecture 
February, 30: Steel frame building, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
March 30: Narashino City, Chiba Pref.
April, 30: Land in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
H30 April: Reinforced concrete structure in Arakawa-ku, Tokyo


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AssessmentCompletely freeIt is.
If you can provide the necessary information,Within XNUMX to XNUMX daysI will answer to.

* Prices are calculated with reference to nearby contracts and evaluation standards.

Only when the sale of the property is concluded will you be paid as a brokerage commission.


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area:XNUMX prefecture and XNUMX prefectures (within XNUMX hour from Shinjuku)
Age:New earthquake-resistant property (property whose construction has been confirmed since S56.6)
type:One apartment, one apartment
Station distance:Within 15 minutes on foot
Other:Non-rebuildable properties are not available.



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* The materials required for assessment are as follows.
・ Sales drawings (if available)
・ Copy of transcript (Please prepare if available)
・ House indication (please tell me the location of the property)
・ Rent table (Rent roll. Copy of the receipt statement from the management company is OK)
・ Copies of running costs such as property tax notices (documents delivered to the owner around May each year)




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