Area information of Nerima

Speaking of Nerima Ward, "Ekoda" is. We read "ekoda" and "egota", but three colleges, Nihon University College of Art, Musashi University and Musashino College of Music come together and have good time to drink, eat and play. Ekoda Ginza, where prices are cheap, is a popular spot for young and old. By the way, the best recommendation in Nerima Ward is "Niwa no Yu" in Toshimaen. Going out in the morning, taking a bath all day, sleeping, drinking a full cup, and taking a bath again.

Registered February 2014, 4
Sectional apartment
  • Value under
money Price 1,550 million yen
percent yield 5.11%
ico-building Property Name
******* ******* *******
address-map Location
******* ******* *******
address-map Transportation along the line
******* *******
Private property
Year of construction Total number
******* *******
Building structure Building volume
******* *******
Rank Land area
******* *******
pointing-right Recommend
Tiling, separate bath, toilet, clog box, storage, delivery box, indoor washing machine storage, city gas