Area information of Minato

Speaking of Minato Ward, "Atagoyama". It was in 1925 that NHK's predecessor transmitted radio broadcasts from the top of this mountain. There's a nice staircase called “Stone of Success”, so let's climb everyone. By the way, the best recommendation in Minato Ward is Tokyo Tower. It is the hometown of the hearts of Tokyo people. Now the surrounding buildings have become taller, but when you look at the illuminated figure, you will be struck by the sadness of being squeezed into your chest.

Registered February 2022, 3
Whole apartment / condominium
money Price 10,000,000 yen
percent yield 5.00%
ico-building Property Name
******* ******* *******
address-map Address
******* ******* *******
address-map Transportation along the line
******* *******
2nd floor or higher
RC construction
New construction
Corner room
Private property
Year of construction Total number
******* *******
Building structure Building volume
******* *******
Rank Land area
******* *******
pointing-right Recommend
2nd floor and above, some lofts