Area information of Kawagoe

Speaking of Kawagoe City, "Edo". "Edo's mother" because it prospered from the time of Muromachi before the Edo period. "Koedo" was given by successive lords of the shrine as a guard in the north of Edo Castle. It was called "Edo kitchen" because the sweet potato, which was a popular raw material for grilled sweet potatoes, was transported to Edo by boat on the Shin-Kishigawa River. The best recommendation in Kawagoe is the local beer "COEDO". Ruri, Kyara, Red and Red, Jet Black and White have all been awarded by Monde Selection. It's so dark!

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Whole apartment / condominium

  • Structure: Wooden 2 stories
  • Price: 9,980 Ten thousand yen
  • Surface yield:7.07 %