Area information of Katsushika City

Speaking of Katsushika City, "Shibamata" of "man is hard". When you hear that the tiger is back, the neighbors gather and cry and laugh. The sky spreads over the riverbank of the Edo River with people living close to each other. Kiyoshi Atsumi was an unprecedented comedy actor. On the feast of Koshin of Taishakuten, food stalls are crowded along the roadside and it is very busy. By the way, the best recommendation in Katsushika-ku is "Edokko", a kyosei stone. Why don't you enjoy highball from dusk with simmering stew?

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Whole apartment / condominium

下 が り Decrease in price / [CF 127 million yen] Category? One building? For customers who are at a loss!

2 years old! A must-see for those who want to keep it with confidence! You can also consider using credit money!

  • 4-20-15 Yotsugi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
  • Keisei Main Line Ohanajaya 13-minute walk
  • Structure: Wooden 2 stories
  • Price: 2,150 Ten thousand yen
  • Surface yield:6.69 %

Whole apartment / condominium

Heights Oyama

Keisei Line "Yotsugi" 10 minutes walk! ★ 2LDK in all floor plans ★ Convenient location for shopping and commuting!

  • 4-32-15 Higashi Yotsugi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
  • Keisei Oshiage Line Yotsugi 10 minutes on foot
  • Structure: Steel frame 3 stories
  • Price: 12,500 Ten thousand yen
  • Surface yield:6.67 %