Area information of Chuo-ku

Speaking of Chuo-ku, it is Tsukudashima surrounded by the Sumida River and the Harumi Canal. This is the island where Ieyasu brought the fishermen of Osaka to live when descending to Edo. Later, it is said that Heizo Hasegawa, who is famous for the "Kihei Criminal Account Book," worked to return the sinners to society as a foothold. At the foot of high-rise condominiums, old-fashioned Tsukudani-ya and wooden houses stand close together, leaving a nostalgic sight. The best recommendation in Chuo Ward is Kabukiza. It is finally completed in the spring of 25!

Registered February 2021, 4
Whole apartment / condominium
no Image
money Price 10,000,000 yen
percent yield 5.02%
ico-building Property Name
[Tsukishima 4 minutes] 10 years old S structure ♪ b's CASA TSUKISHIMA
address-map Address
4-6-13 Tsukishima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
address-map Transportation along the line
Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line Tsukishima 4 minutes walk
S structure
auto lock
separate bathroom and toilet
5 minutes on foot
Fully rented
Year of construction Total number
2011/3/1 6
Building structure Building volume
Steel frame 232.75㎡
Rank Land area
XNUM X floor 115.35㎡
pointing-right Recommend
Door phone with TV monitor, auto lock, bath, separate toilet, clog box, storage, vanity, additional cooking function, city gas