Area information of Bunkyo Ward

Speaking of Bunkyo Ward, "hospital". University hospitals such as the University of Tokyo, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Juntendo University, and Nippon Medical University have two metropolitan hospitals, Komagome and Otsuka. A hospital here for liver cancer, a hospital there for myocardial infarction, and so on. Also, there are three elementary schools attached to national universities, and it seems that it is a lottery. By the way, the best recommendation in Bunkyo is Korakuen's “Sparaqua”. While listening to the screams of the roller coaster, drink a glass and take a bath.

Registered February 2020, 12
Whole apartment / condominium
money Price 10,000,000 yen
percent yield 5.42%
ico-building Property Name
******* ******* *******
address-map Address
******* ******* *******
address-map Transportation along the line
******* *******
Private property
Year of construction Total number
******* *******
Building structure Building volume
******* *******
Rank Land area
******* *******
pointing-right Recommend
2nd floor and above, separate bath and toilet